Youth Group

       Youth Group meets from 4pm-5pm every Sunday, Youth Group activities include lectures on religious and spiritual topics. Besides participating  They are given opportunities to volunteer and participate in charity projects around the New Jersey area. For more information email Sanjukta at

Youth Group Executives

Dev Chhabra
Youth President


 Sanvi Bhatnagar
Youth Vice-President


 Praket Nigam
Community & Outreach Coordinator


Shriya Dani


 Sumantra Basu
Event Coordinator


Charity Projects:


All projects postponed at this time due to NJ shutdown.  

Please be kind to your family members and neighbors. Help your parents with chores at home. Make cards to send to nearby hospitals. Appreciate your neighbors that continue to work on their essential jobs while their families are home. Send a thank you note or a gift card.


Recomended Books for Youth


1.Letters from Father to his Daughter-Jawaharlal Nehru

2.Discovery of India-Jawaharlal Nehru

3.My Experiments with Truth-Mahatma Gandhi

4.Train to Pakistan-Khushwant Singh

5.Makers of Modern India-Ramchandra Guha

6.India Unbound-Gurcharan Das

7.Argumentative Indian-Amartya Sen

8.India becoming-AkashKapoor

9.A Free Man-Aman Sethi

10.Intellectuals who Remade Asia-PankajMishra


Upcoming Events

All events cancelled due to Covid-19. please stay safe.
































Youth Group and Naithik Shiksha class meets every Sunday at 4pm.

 Due to Covid-19 the classes have moved to Zoom.


Stress-Free Living by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Weekly emails will inform students about the meeting agenda.

Some Youth Group pictures from recent events

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