Havan is performed every Sunday by a host family.

Guidelines for ASNJ Havan

- The Prasad Coordinator, PR membership coordinator and Exec Committee will solicit member families for hosting Havan. at least 1-2 times per year.

-Families are encouraged to select havan dates near birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion they like to celebrate with the Samaj family.

-Host (Yajaman) families are requested to make a donation to the Arya Samaj to help offset the expenses of the priest and organization

-Menu is at the discretion of hosts. Exec. Committee can help arrange for the prasad at an expense. 


Havan host should be at the site by 2:25pm and help set up. An executive committee member will be there to provide any required assistance.

Hosts are required to bring 

1. Ghee 250gm

2. Dried Coconut

3. Coconut-sliced packet (used as Samagri

4. Aluminium foil

After the prashad the hosts are responsible for the clean up of Havan and kitchen if used.


Sign-up to host havan online on our website or click the link below:

Arya Samaj of NJ Havan Calendar 

Or contact: Sonal Dani; 9739037340; sonal@danicorp.comor any further questions please contact Mr. Sanjeev Goyal at aryasamajofnewjersey@gmail.com