कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्‌ Make the Universe Noble

The mission of the Arya Samaj of New Jersey is as follows:

  1. To promote goodwill and harmony among its members and society at large by advocating universal Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma teachings.

  2. To educate adults and children about the basic principles of Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma and perform the Havan/Yajna ceremony on a regular and ongoing basis.

  3. To teach Sanskrit and Hindi languages to adults and children (as secondary languages) that will enable them to read, write and speak these languages and help them understand the proper pronunciation and meanings of Vedic Mantras.

  4. To provide a platform for members to exchange views about Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma and matters affecting their social life.

  5. To develop pride in Hindu identity by participation in the celebration of religious festivals and cultural programs.

  6. To serve the community at large for humanitarian needs.

  7. To participate in intrafaith and Interfaith activities and provide information to other Faith Communities about Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

  8. To establish and maintain permanent place of worship as Arya Samaj Temple, community center and a library.