D.A.V. Sanskriti School

On behalf of Arya Samaj of NJ, we would like to announce that we have formally launching DAV Sanskriti School (DAVSS) to promote our Vedic and Hindu culture for kids age group 4 – 12 years. This is launched in collaboration with Arya Samaj of Houston.

Here are key details:

 Due to COVID, our focus is safety and good health. Keeping in mind the social distance, we are having online classes for this year. Classes started on Sept 6th,2020. We finished our first semester, however, Midterm Enrollments Opened on December 11, 2020

Convenient Virtual Sessions Every Sunday 10:45am -1:00pm EST


Please email: DAVSSASNJ@gmail.com to register


Hurry spots are filling up soon!

Please be advised financial assistance will be provided on need basis 




Arya Samaj of New Jersey


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