To schedule a Havan please contact Ms. Sonal Dani at :

​Havan is performed every Sunday by a host family.

Guidelines for ASNJ Havan

- The Prasad Coordinator, PR membership coordinator and Exec Committee will solicit member families for hosting Havan. at least 1-2 times per year.

-Families are encouraged to select havan dates near birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion they like to celebrate with the Samaj family.

-Host (Yajaman) families are requested to make a donation to the Arya Samaj to help offset the expenses of the priest and organization

-Menu is at the discretion of hosts. Exec. Committee can help arrange for the prasad at an expense. 


Havan host should be at the site by 2:25pm and help set up. An executive committee member will be there to provide any required assistance.

Hosts are required to bring 

1. Ghee 250gm

2. Dried Coconut

3. Coconut-sliced packet (used as Samagri

4. Aluminium foil

After the prashad the hosts are responsible for the clean up of Havan and kitchen if used.

For any further questions please contact Mr. Sanjeev Goyal at





Children's Classes


The Children's class meets every Sunday Naithik Shiksha.


Children's classes impart cultural and spiritual growth to young minds through stories, fun activities and hands on work.


Visit the classes offered page to find out about Yoga, Kathak, Vocal lessons and Craft classes for children and adults.




Holiday Functions
Come celebrate all festivals with us.
  • Virtually: Lohri and Makkar Sankrati