Our Curriculum:


  • Shloka (e.g. Gayatri Mantra)

  • Hindi Poems/ songs

  • Art

  • Craft

  • Fun with Purpose activities

  • Dance


Time : Sundays 3:00 - 3:45 PM EST

Our Objective

We need our children:


  • To understand and appreciate Sanatan Dharma principles & values, their relevance in today’s world and benefits of incorporating it in their daily life

  • To be culturally rooted, confident, and equipped with right life skills to be successful in their worldly pursuits and inner happiness

  • Eventually be the ambassadors dispelling the misconceptions about our rich cultural heritage and Dharmic traditions.


Our Classes:

Arya Bal Vihaar Age 5 years
Vedic Sanskriti School Ages 6- 12 years
VSS Classes .JPG
Our Classes:



Class Enrollment Closed for fall semester 2021-22!

For Spring semester 2021-22, please email : aryasamajofnewjersey@gmail.com